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Actress Mehwish Hayat posted an Independence post but people focused on her bra color

By Desk Team Aug 17, 2021

Only 2 days ago was Independence Day. This day is as important to every one of us Indians as it is to the people of Pakistan. On the occasion of Independence Day, Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat posted a picture of her with Pakistani flag and a message on her social media. But the strangest thing is that some people there started criticizing her underwear color without giving importance to her post. Which is very ugly. Where most people gave importance to the post but sadly few gave some nasty comments.

These days many people are victims of such criticism on social media. Many people do not think twice to misuse the power of social media. They think that, they can do anything and post anything behind any ID on social media. And that’s exactly what happened in the post made by Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat. In her post, she wore a white kurti or salwar. But some people look at her black underwear instead of reading the message.

Although many people have raised questions in those comments, how can their opinions be like that? How can the mentality of some people be so low in such a beautiful post? So it is time for every human being to stand up against such mentality and protest against it.

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