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Another death due to elephant attacks in the district. The incident happened

By Desk Team Mar 16, 2024

Saturday evening at Napo in Keshiadi, West Medinipur. The name of the deceased is Badal Dutt. House in Kusumpur. Keshiadi High School teacher by profession. According to forest department sources, a herd of 60 elephants entered the Pushkarini forest in Belda range oil on Saturday morning. As the news spread, residents of the area flocked to see the elephant. The forest department started miking after seeing the situation. He asked the eager crowd to come out of the forest. The forest department also issued a warning not to disturb the elephant and not to approach it. According to local sources, several hula teams were deployed from Nayagram and Kalaikunda to drive away the elephants. As evening falls, the elephants leave the forest and move to the Kusumpur area. Hula team members followed. Badal Babu was returning home by motorbike at that time.
Eyewitnesses said that after falling in front of the elephant on the road, even after trying to run away from the bike, he was not saved. The elephant grabs the trunk and beats it. He was later chased away by the elephants and taken to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. After the incident, there was anger in the area. The angry mob also allegedly chased the members of the hula team. A member of the hula team said, “People flock to the forest to see the elephants since morning. Many go close to take pictures. Even in the evening, people from the area also come to see the elephants. The movement of the elephants is obstructed. This has led to the accident.”

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