DRDO news smuggling in Pakistan ……..

News of DRDO is being smuggled to Pakistan again. We all know that the largest DRDO in Asia is in Chandipur, Orissa.

There, in 2014, Ishwar Mehra passed all the news to the Pakistani agent. Repeated ISD calls on his phone in the hope of raising police suspicions led to his arrest. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

Similar allegations were made against four contractors. Chandipur police have arrested 4 people in a treason case. Baleshwar police said some important information was being sent to Pakistani agents in exchange for a large sum of money.Despite being a contractor, the police suspect that so much money is coming into their account. Since 2014, the police have been on high alert. They had their eye on every call coming and going from abroad.

The suspicion of the police was heightened when they saw ISD calls coming and going again and again in the phone calls of the four and the four were arrested from the intelligence department last night.

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