“He is not just famous but the best”- find out what happens on “Kota Factory” Season 2

The pressure of studying increases with age. And after secondary, it doubled and stood in front of us. After Board exams, most of the students target IIT and start their preparation for JEE exam. And that is why they started from Eleven with all the preparations and were admitted to all the famous coaching centers in several places. And in the story there is a city call Kota, where students goes to achieve their target. That is the story of this series. The series name ” Kota Factory” season 2. it’s an TVF Creation and Netflix film. This is the second season of the story. first season came in 16th April, 2019. After the first season, there was a craze about this story. The audience was eagerly waiting for their favorite Jitu Vaiya. And finally, after a great success in first season they came with their new season “Kota Factory” 2 this September 24, 2021 only on Netflix.

The story has progressed in this new series. Some new characters have been introduced. The relationships of the previous characters have developed and more deepened. This time we get to see Study, teacher-student relationship, friendship, love relationship have all been highlighted in a proper way. Described all the character’s characteristic so beautifully. And this time too, that black-and-white picture. But that doesn’t make boring. in fact it proved the power of a cinematography. How beautifully they captured all the moments. It started saying the every meaning of a dialogue, every characters emotions. Despite being a black-and-white film, the five episodes in the series seem to have stuck viewers on the screen. This story that started around JEE Entrance Exam, seems to have made every audience the part of their journey.

Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Rohit Sukhwani, Revati Pillai, Urvi Sing played the lead role here. This immense beautiful series directed by, Raghav Subbu. In this series, the director wants to tell a different struggle story of almost every character. Tried to show the struggle of students. Their was story of drop out students, their thoughts and an aspect of their thinking. On the other hand, there is a lot of love and respect for the Jeetu Bhaiya from his students. Again, for his students, their dear Jitu Bhai has stood by them in any difficulty. Be it personal or any study related.

From the first season to this season, more maturity, more emotions and struggle have been highlighted. This new season wanted to show how to overcome the obstacles in life and move forward with a smile. But in the climax there is a twist for audience. You can say the story is incomplete, there has to be something more. And here the question pops up in mind. Is there a next part of this season ? But for now it’s time to enjoy “Kota Factory” season 2.

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