Tue. May 28th, 2024

KK Death: No doctor in five star hotel? Why go to a hospital so far? The question on the death of KK by AITMC youth leader Debangshu Bhattacharyya. Debangshu questioned the entire process of the management of KK show at Nazrul Mancha Kolkata.

The entire country mourned on his death and also the social medias like twitter and facebook are also full of tweets and condolences. Someone has questioned the suffocating condition of the auditorium. Someone blamed the organizers again and so on many allegation are there but this is

This time Debangshu Bhattacharya, the vocal Trinamool spokesperson, was also present on the death of KK. On this day, he wrote on Facebook, ‘There is no doctor in a five star hotel like Grand? So what’s the five star? You bill lakhs of rupees but you can’t keep the doctor with money? ‘ Asked about the hospital, Debangshu said, Who gave his teammates this weird idea? Time is of the essence in this case, there is nothing left to do after the golden time has passed.

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