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Trinamool should be searched with binoculars after the Lok Sabha elections, said Kaustab Bagchi

By Desk Team Mar 16, 2024
partha bhowmick vs arjun singh and kaustav bagchipartha bhowmick vs arjun singh and kaustav bagchi

Trinamool has no future in the state. Trinamool should be searched through binoculars in the state after the Lok Sabha elections. This is what BJP leader Kaustab Bagchi said when he came to meet Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh after joining the BJP. The leader, who recently left the Congress, said that he had come to meet the MP as a courtesy. Kausthav made it clear that the party will decide who will be the candidate for Barrackpore. He claimed that the lotus will bloom again in Barrackpore.

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