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Last year, the TRP Film Festival started in 2020 with the showing of small pictures of small children at Rishra, Ghoramara Anand Ashram. Last year’s domestically organized festival was named ‘Eso Cinema Dekhi‘. Last year, some small filmmakers from Hooghly district participated in the event. In the same year, TRP informed that besides holding the festival in the courtyard of Ghoramara every year, there is a desire to hold this festival in the heart of Hooghly district. The cooperation of the people helps them to realize their dreams and gives them the courage to hold a film festival in the heart of Hooghly district. On September 8, 2021, all the details of this year’s Film Festival were announced through a press meet at Srirampur Heritage Cafe.

The TRP Film Festival will run for three days on December 24, 25 and 26, 2021 in the auditorium of Vaidyabati Vidyaniketan High School. This year their slogan is “FOR FILM LOVERS, BY FILM LOVERS“. Like last time, this time also a small photo festival will be held with the children of Ghoramara.

During the 120-day event, 118 pictures from home and abroad were submitted. Of which 18 are pocket films and 100 are short films. Even if each picture impresses the other, it has to be selected as a competition. Out of all the pictures, 86 pictures got a place in the main episode. Of which 12 are pocket films and 64 are short films. Festival chairman Rajeev Banik said that for so long,their pictures had gone abroad.But they could not have imagined that so many films from home and abroad would come to this festival organized by them.They said it was a matter of great proud for them.

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